NYC’s Sigmund Droid is back with their new EP Maximum Grind. With a piercing sense of proportion and correspondence, this minimalist scuz-grunge duo chisels post-punk bricks out of Brooklyn’s sedimentary rock scene. Terrifying the rich and educated, their powerful sound thunders to the core and keeps fans wanting more.

Lead Vocalist/Bassist Solomon Gezari and Drummer Pablo Douzoglou merge their diverse musical back- grounds into a swirling vortex of extremes. From boisterous punk anthems to sassy hook-driven dance tunes, their compositions run the gamut of rock genres while maintaining a brutally mathematical coherence. Don’t assume you know what’s coming next because Sigmund Droid is a rock n’ roll cha- meleon that will mix up the past and the present to create fiery songs for the benefit of your future.


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